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B&H Cars provide taxi services to those with access difficulties and special needs. We cater for anyone who may need accompanied travel or special travel requirements.

Taxis for people with disabilities, special needs and mobility issues in Worcestershire

B and H Cars was founded by Lesley Borthwick over 15 years ago to provide a taxi service to the people of Worcestershire requiring special assistance. Normal taxi companies often do not have the experience or facilities to provide the appropriate level of service to those with restricted mobility or other special needs issues.


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Our Services

We are a specialist taxi company offering transport to those requiring special assistance. Whether you are in a wheelchair, are elderly or lack mobility due to any disability or reason then we can assist you. We take great pride in offering a caring, friendly taxi service to those in need of a little extra help to get about.


Our Clients

Our taxi service helps a broad variety of people across Worcestershire with all kinds of disabilities, mobility issues and special requirements. We work closely with local institutions, care homes and private individuals alike to help people lead the lives they deserve. Contact us to discuss your needs today.


About Us

B&H Cars was founded over 15 years ago by  Lesley Borthwick and to this day she remains at the core of the business. It is her passion to help people with all kinds of disabilities and mobility issues which drives B&H Cars every day. Our drivers are skilled, friendly, caring and courteous and we love to help people be as mobile as possible.


If you have a disability, lack mobility or just want a little extra assistance from your taxi company then we can help. With over 15 years of experience specialising in working with those with special mobility requirements, we have the expertise to help you. Our team of fun, friendly and experienced drivers are ready to advise you so call 01905 353 333 or click the button below and book your taxi today.